8.30 AM - 5.00 PM

10 topics (6 plenary sessions and 4 electives) to be presented by 5 world-class speakers.

The conference centre is located on Union Road near the Schonell Theatre.

Car parking is free at all car parks on the University campus on Saturdays. There are 170 car spaces underneath the UQ Centre and the restrictions on street parking on campus do not apply on Saturdays. Public transport is available by bus or City Cat (phone 13 1230 for details).

A baby cry-room with video link will be available.

Exhibitors will include Triple P (the University of Queensland's Positive Parenting Program), the Queensland Government Department of Communities, the Australian Family Association, Drug-ARM and Focus on the Family.

COST (including morning/afternoon tea and conference notes)

Full day: Individual $50, Couple $90

Half-day: Individual $30, Couple $50